The Tropical Treasure Hunt has partnered with Virgin Islands EcoTours to bring you our frighteningly fun Ghosts of Piracy Past Treasure Hunt. EcoTours has a great legacy on St. Thomas as high quality tourism business on St. Thomas, with over 20 years of business. You can find them on St. Thomas at the Mangroves entrance. They offer incredible tours that allow clients to experience one of the most tranquil places on island, the beautiful mangroves. Yet as tranquil as the waters are, the area is full of important wildlife. They offer kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking and snorkeling guided tours to help you experience the mangroves with high quality, customer service oriented professionals. 


We met with one of their team members, D’Hayden. D’Hayden is the primary guide during The Ghosts of Piracy Past and has provided valuable input to make the package as memorable as possible. We wanted his perspective on EcoTours and our new Ghosts of Piracy Past tour.


Please read the highlights of the interview below:

Tropical Treasure Hunt Co. (TTH Co.): Good day D’Haden, we wanted to know what you enjoy most about being an important member of EcoTours?

D’Haden: My absolute favorite thing about being a part of this team is the understanding that I help make sure everything runs smoothly so that our guests can learn about tremendously important organisms while being safe and having fun!


TTH Co.: What are some of the top tours that EcoTours provides?


D’Haden: Our #1 tour is called The Best Of, which takes place in St. John. It includes an educational hike, amazing coral, sea turtles, and more. Next in line would be the Extreme tour on St. Thomas. This tour is great for beginners since it takes place in a protected area. Beautiful volcanic rocks, a blow hole, and a unique snorkeling experience in what we call a “Tropical Fish Nursery.” Shorter versions of these tours are featured on our website if you’re short on time. (


TTH Co.: What types of responses have you seen from clients during Ghosts of Piracy Past?


D’Haden: Oh man, people have been freaking out while having a blast! Our team has been having so much fun helping to create a scary environment. The environment alone is already creepy at night but the TTH Team takes it over the top! One lady even overcame a fear she had of a specific animal while on this tour. It’s been wonderful so far.

TTH Co.: That is true, we do take the scare factor to the next level! We include heart beat raising music, strobe lights, and actors to truly bring the mangroves and our package alive. That is why we have an age restriction of 18 and up.

TTH Co.: What should clients expect to learn during this tour?

D’Haden: When you come out with us you’ll learn some tricks that pirates used for survival, for profit, and also for torture.

TTH Co. : How scary is Ghosts of Piracy Past?

D’Haden: Scary enough to keep you on your toes! You will know that your safety is certain, but goosebumps are a common occurrence!

TTH Co.: What type of wildlife can clients expect during the Ghosts of Piracy Past and your other packages?


 D’Haden: On the Ghosts of Piracy Past tour you’ll definitely see hermit crabs. Most likely you’ll also see fish and shrimp in the water. Keep an eye out for needle fish! They like to jump and skip across the water! Some of the best things I’ve seen snorkeling on our tours are sea turtles, octopuses, spotted eagle rays, and porcupine puffer fish!


TTH Co.: Thanks D’Hayden! I am sure our clients appreciate getting your perspective on this truly original ghost tour. Our team greatly appreciates you and the rest of Eco Tours as a valuble partner.


D’Haden: No problem!