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What is a Tropical Treasure Hunt?

A Tropical Treasure Hunt is an immersive outdoor and indoor experience that allows you to explore St. Thomas. You and your team of friends, loved ones or colleagues will work together to solve puzzles and enjoy attractions as you search for buried treasure.


How long is the experience?

The length of the treasure hunt depends on how fast your group works together to solve the clues. The Golden Age of Piracy treasure hunt is typically 3 to 3.5 hours. The Pirates, Puzzles and Rum Hunt incorporates a bar crawl and lasts between 4 to 4.5 hours, depending on how many pints of grog you down.


Where does the hunt begin?

Our two popular packages always start off near Gate 2 at the West Indian Company (WICO) dock. If you have a private groups of six or more people and are arriving on a cruise docked at Crown Bay Marina, we can pick you up there.


Custom treasure hunts, including ones for corporate team building events, can start in a place convenient for you and your group.

Is transportation provided?

Yes. All ground transportation is provided based on the size of your group. Boats, jet-skis and other modes of transportation are included in the price if you choose a custom hunt on the water.


What is included?

Each Tropical Treasure Hunt package includes:

  • 3 + hour immersive treasure hunt and puzzle solving experience

  • Adventure pack with tools to help solve puzzles

  • Pirate gear to get into the swashbuckling spirit

  • Attractions such as the Paradise Point tram or the Pirate Museum

  • Transportation

  • Water and snacks

  • Drink tickets for bar crawl hunts


How much does a Tropical Treasure Hunt cost?

Please see our package prices here. Custom Treasure Hunts vary depending on the add-ons you choose, such as water sports, specialized treasure or entrance to attractions. 


Do you offer a local discount?

Yes, we provide a local discount with valid Virgin Islands ID. Please email or call for local prices. We also offer discounts for groups of 10 or more. 



Will you pick us up at our hotel?

Yes. If requested we are happy to provide hotel, Airbnb, etc. pick up and drop off.


How much walking is involved in the hunt?

There is not too much consistent walking, since there are locations that clients stop in to split up the walks. Throughout the 3-4 hour experience you can expect to walk no longer than 15 to 20 minutes total. There is no running allowed or needed during the Tropical Treasure Hunt.


Is the Tropical Treasure Hunt kid friendly? 

Yes, kids of all ages love our experience. Children that are 3 years and older will get the most fun out of the experience. A minimum of one adult must be present for groups under 16 years old.


Are there options that are adults only?

Adult only groups will have just as much fun or more. 


How many people can participate?

We offer private group treasure hunts. We have a minimum of two people. We can handle over 100 employees for team building or group events. To learn more about our team building events please click here.


How active is it or how active do you need to be?

You do not have to be active or ‘fit’ to thoroughly enjoy the adventure. You will not need to run or lift anything heavy. All you need are your wits and sense of adventure to find the buried treasure.


Is there real treasure in the treasure chest I find?

No. We have replica treasure in the treasure box, however you are welcome to purchase real treasure or other jewelry or gifts and have us lock it in the treasure box for a loved one to find. You can check out the high-quality treasures we offer here.

We will accept treasures sent ahead of time in the mail. However, we are in no way responsible for the Post Office or mailing services in St .Thomas, USVI. Please allow a minimum of 10 days for shipping and delivery.


Do I need to buy a buried treasure?

No. Plenty of our clients decide not to purchase a gift or treasure to put in the treasure chest. The true treasure is the experience itself, and your loved ones will enjoy the experience with or without a souvenir treasure in the treasure box. If you are interested in reviewing the treasures we offer, please see our treasure page.


What happens when it rains? When do you cancel?

Private treasure hunts are self-paced, and the attractions visited will be indoors or areas with cover. Many times, St. Thomas rain showers are very brief. We do not cancel Tropical Treasure Hunts due to weather unless the conditions become dangerous. If those conditions occur, you can reschedule or receive a 100% refund.


What happens if I get stuck or can’t answer a clue?

You have nothing to worry about if your group gets stuck on a puzzle. That is part of the fun! There are multiple ways to get hints throughout the experience. Many of our attraction partners will provide additional clues if you are stuck. You can also text our treasure hunt guides to get an additional hint or the answer. Our team is always in the area to assist.


Do you have different packages or different routes?

We take great pride in creating custom treasure hunts for our client’s special occasions. We can insert sentimental locations and activities based on your knowledge of the island. We can even customize the treasure you find at the end of the experience.

Additionally, we continually work to create new engaging clues and adventures for our past and future clients. These have different routes and activities than other pre-packaged routes.


Is food included?

We do not include meals, but we do have light snacks for you to enjoy during the experience. There are multiple establishments, including a beach bar, that serve delicious food. Because our hunts are self-paced, you are welcome to order quick food when you are at the beach hunting for buried treasure.

What should I wear?

Wear light & comfortable clothes as well as comfortable walking shoes. We also recommend bringing a bag with towel, shoes and bathing suit in case your group wants to enjoy the beach at the end of the experience.

Will I be going to a beach?

Yes, all packages will end at a beach or near the ocean. We want your group to experience one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. However, none of the clues require you to go in the ocean or any body of water. Our new Island Hopping Boat Treasure Hunt and our spooky night treasure hunt, Ghosts of Piracy Past, require clients to go on the water and to get in shallow water. 



Is a Tropical Treasure Hunt like an escape room?  

During a Tropical Treasure Hunt, you will solve puzzles and locate clues as a team to progress, just like an escape room. Your group will have the opportunity to go into multiple establishments where you will need to find a clue or solve a puzzle to ‘escape’ to the next portion of the treasure hunt.


Our experience differs from an escape room because you are not confined to one area. The whole island becomes your ‘escape room,’ allowing you to see the best parts of Saint Thomas while solving puzzles indoors and outdoors. Also, unlike most escape rooms that last only one hour, a Tropical Treasure Hunt lasts 3 to 4 hours, depending on the package selected. Our Island Hopping Boat Treasure Hunt lasts approximately 7 hours.


Our clients have included people who never heard of an escape room, to people who are escape room veterans. Both types of clients have thoroughly enjoyed their adventure. Please see testimonies on TripAdvisor to learn more about our client's feedback. Please click here.


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