Get Some Pirate's Booty

A tangible treasure is a great way to commemorate your hunt for years to come!

The Tropical Treasure Hunt Co. offers custom treasures that will be discovered by your loved ones inside our treasure chest at the end of the adventure. We offer a variety of high quality options to fit any budget.
If you are booking a treasure hunt you will able be to request the treasures or apparel you are interested in on the booking form. 
If you want to purchase a treasure without booking a package, please email to request which items you like. 

Tropical Treasure Hunt Cup


Our Tropical Treasure Hunt branded 20 oz. insulated cups come with a spill-poof lid so you don't have to worry if you have too much rum. They are available in four different colors—navy, lavender, red or light blue—and feature our logo and the Virgin Islands flag.

$30 each or 2 for $50

Find Gorgeous Jewelry and Gifts while Ex

Replica Coin Necklace


Add a beaded necklace with a replica pirate's doubloon to the treasure that your group will hunt for. These necklaces are available with black or brown beads.

$20 each


Authentic Jewelry


Our partners at the Pirates Treasure Museum work with us to find you unique shipwreck coins that are set into jewelry including pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. Each authentic coin comes with a certificate that details the type of coin and where it was recovered. 

Price Varies Based on Size, Material and Setting


Hook Bracelets


Islanders in the Caribbean have worn the hook bracelet for centuries. It has been adopted as a symbol of unity and love for islanders living in the Caribbean.

Sterling Silver Caribbean Hook Bracelet: $35.00
Female Black Titanium Caribbean Hook Bracelet: $110
Open Heart Caribbean Hook Bracelet Two Tone: $110
Anchor Caribbean Hook Bracelet Two Tone: $120


Authentic Coins 


Coin collectors will love one-of-a-kind pirate doubloons that have been recovered from shipwrecks across the Caribbean Sea. Each authentic coin comes with a certificate that details the type of coin and where it was recovered. 

Price Varies Based on Size, Material and Currency


Tropical Treasure Hunt T-Shirts & Tank Tops

Men’s & women’s t-shirts: $25 each or two for $40

(Men’s colors: red & gray — Women’s colors: blue & gray)

Men’s & women’s tank tops: $20 each

(Men’s colors: red & gray — Women’s colors: red & teal)

Personalized Treasures

If you have a special treasure in mind that you want for a member of your group to discover, we will accept treasures via mail or we can meet in person before the hunt to arrange your treasure. Please email to inform of us of your treasure.

*We are not responsible for any problems with the mail carrier. Treasures must be in our possession 48 business hours prior to your treasure hunt. Items must fit in our treasure chest. Please let us know the approximate size of the gift.